Zafod  (pronounced ZAY-fahd) has lived near Park City for 25 years on the Aztec  Art Ranch where he has his workshop. He has exhibited in Salt Lake and  Park City, is a member of the Park City Professional Artist's  Association and has taken performance and visual art to the Burning Man  Art Festival. He lives with his wife Lola, two dogs, a cat and four  llamas in Brown's Canyon, Peoa.

Zafod works in metal, concrete,  stone, tile, and other media. To work with a client, he first consults  about the client's desires to find a design that suits their needs. This  consultation is free of charge. If the client wants to proceed, a  consultation fee is charged to create artist’s rendering(s) of concept  proposal(s) which are then presented in a meeting to discuss and refine  the ideas. If the client wishes to proceed, a budget is presented for  final design and implementation. Zafod has 30 years of experience in  construction, including home building, furniture-building, metal  working, and concrete slab installation. He can work with plumbing,  heating, lighting, electrical and other systems. He also subcontracts  with experts in those areas. A final contract is drawn up to specify the  work that will be performed, installation schedules, and pricing for  labor and materials.